3 Crosses

God impressed on me that we all need to put balance back into our talks and podcasts…

We all are guilty, getting swept up in the planned deluge of fear based energy and promulgating it to others…

There are Plenty of watchmen now.

My dog rover is a watchman – He knows the storm is coming – he comes inside…

he knows the war is coming – he shows more love to those he knows will soon be gone…

so we do not need 2 million watchmen and no one preaching the Word of God…

This was the “understanding I got today while jogging in 98 degree pain…

So To Get His Children Ready for the week ahead –

I want you to listen over n over to these songs and also study the Scripture Provided.

You know when you hear thee Holy Spirit…You Just Know!

JAMES 1-5 downlaod:https://dl.dropbox.com/u/90054595/FileChute/JAMES%201-5%20P64k.zip

2 John: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/90054595/FileChute/2%20JOHN_.m4v

3 John: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/90054595/FileChute/3%20JOHN_.m4v

ISAIAH 53: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/90054595/FileChute/ISAIAH%2053_.zip

I will have a disclaimer page – I operate under “Fair Use”, educational purposes only.

(Get on your knees and pray,

And just say Thank You Father)

Blog Discussion:  Being new to Word Press and spending a long time going through training and other things… I decided to throw all that away – open Word Press, and just figure it out.  I may post daily or as I believe I get an important understanding as I call the downloads.  I hesitate to say “The Lord told me” or God spoke to me” like so many do…  I am not saying He did not, but I am not special and anything I am getting from Jesus Christ – you can too.

I may post an audio in these posts… we will see?   Here is an interesting verse I read today.

COL 3.16

Note we are supposed to teach – NOT BY OUR OWN REASONING – but by Psalms and Hymns which are the WISDOM of Christ Jesus.  The Professor


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY WISDOM_JUNE 7th, 2013”

  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom openly Professor Truth.
    Keep the posts coming. Your thoughts and teachings are edifying and rich in spiritual understanding of Jesus beautiful Word. God Speed!

  2. Thank you brother, we all must focus ONLY on Jesus Christ and hold every thought captive. You also Alexander are a TRUTH Warrior, and may the true Saints support you and pray for you. The Professor

  3. Jesus Christ our God Bless you for all work your are doing for us, I pray for you and brother Alexander. Great wisdom and truth warriors. Congratullations for this beautiful site of Professor of truth

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